I HATE to say ‘My fellow Americans’, because it reminds me of Richard ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon. Never liked him much…

Nevertheless, and notwithstanding American fellowship, we are a family, with the troubles all families are bound to have. And, some bad apples.

Right now, we are facing the gravest crisis since the Revolutionary War. The definition of what it means to be American is in jeopardy, and it’s not a game! Americans are now being attacked from within, by other ‘citizens’, and publicly humiliated, because of what they think and say. That is NOT American! It is not American to humiliate a man by creating a fake nude statue to undermine his credibility. If it can be done to him, it can be done to YOU! If he can be silenced, so can YOU!

We have always been a country that allowed people to speak their minds without fear of retribution. That is no longer true. Free speech is vigorously discouraged, because the elite have some ugly truths they wish to hide. Criminals, like cockroaches, fear the light of day!

The vast majority of Americans are about to lose the country to a minority of elitists, the ultra wealthy that are corrupt. Not all the wealthy are corrupt, and we do need them, but they must follow the rules of civilization like the rest of us, or tyranny results. The power grab is being made by the ones that are corrupt, that believe rules are for everyone but them. Is that the country you want for yourself, and your progeny?

The reason the media, and many of the very wealthy (Hollywood, and the like) are so rabidly for Hillary Clinton is the same reason our roads are in ruins and the economy is in the dumps, with no jobs. It’s the same reason the western Roman Empire fell.

The wealthy make deals with the powerful to not pay their taxes. Sounds boring, and rather mundane for something so threatening! No country can survive when the majority of its wealth is immune to taxation, and the burden is shifted to the poor (making under one million per year). The poorest 95% get to pick up the tab for the richest 5%!

If history repeats itself (so far, it always has), this will end in blood. The wealthy are either not students of history, or they think all the new tech (drones, and such) will make the outcome different. In Rome, as in France during the French Revolution, the wealthy always get executed first, usually in very gruesome ways. It’s usually accompanied by rape and mutilation of their loved ones. But, many more regular, average people will die, as the elite will have the military on their side. People finally do get fed up, and don’t care about living, like the guy that started the Arab Spring – lit himself on fire out of despair. And then there was no stopping it until their President was in jail!

All because of greed! I wonder if Ghadafi was okay with his agonizing journey towards death, comfortable in the knowledge he lived well for so long by making many others suffer?

Hillary gained the undying loyalty of Hollywood, and many other wealthy elitists, by going to Geneva, Switzerland, ( as Secretary of State) and absolving the Swiss banks of having to turn over the names of 56,000 wealthy tax dodgers. Only 4,000 names would be forthcoming. I was wondering how someone so vile could be so popular with people that seemed (otherwise) to be intelligent! Greed! All these folks live well, thanks to the American system. Are they such jerks that they can’t help support it?

The vast majority of us that pay the huge tax burden control less than 5% of the money. A country cannot survive when the majority of it’s capital avoids taxation.

The upshot is – We need to get together, out in the streets, to show we do not want to be enslaved by this nightmare political machine. We need some energetic people, some leaders, to stand up and organize. There does not have to be any bloodshed, or property destruction, if we just show we are not going to believe the propaganda put out by our state controlled media. If we stay home, they will take that as a signal we believe the lies that the country wants a criminal for President.

I don’t believe those polls for a second! But, like my barber said, people are afraid to say anything. Imagine that! IN America! The bastion of free speech! But, it’s true! If anyone vocally supports Trump, they are attacked, proudly, by Clinton supporters. Disgusting!

The same thing the ‘Brown Shirts’ did for Adolf Hitler, to get him into power!

Do we want to live in fear?